SSAT Chinese Conference

May 29, 2011

The 8th SSAT Chinese conference took place last weekend at the Royal Society and the British Museum.  Presentations from workshops are now downloadable fromn the SSAT Chinese network site and my own presentation A journey to the East is available here.


ALL London June event

May 12, 2011

The ALL London summer event takes place this year on June 11th at the French Institute from 9.30 a.m.  This is just a month before Language World and will give you an opportunity to hear Rachel Hawkes speak.  She will be sharing some of her strategies to engage language learners of all ages and abilities.

Neil Jones will also be speaking and he will be focusing on how to develop students’ speaking, listening, writing, knowledge about language, language learning strategies and cultural awareness.

Finally Mark Reid, Head of Education at the British Film Institute will introduce us to some great ideas for using film to bring ‘the
authentic’  into the classroom of all age groups.

Full details are available on ALL June 2011 invitation which has a form for you to register for the event.

Learning through song

May 12, 2011

I’ve written before on the power of song in language learning, and regular readers will know that I am often on the lookout for suitable songs to sing in class.   In Chinese lessons my learners are currently learning to talk about likes and dislikes and to develop extended sentences in the context of sport, so I was pleased when I came across the following song Wǒmen dōu xǐ huan yùndòng  (我 们 都 喜 欢 运 动) on the theme of sport.  Although it is obviously designed for Primary age pupils my key stage 5 learners thoroughly enjoyed singing along.  It has a catchy rhythm and is accompanied by clear visuals and text which all help to reinforce the vocabulary and language structures. Enjoy!