Dragon boat festival – 端午节

This weekend has seen the Dragon boat festival observed amongst Chinese communities so I’ll be looking at that with my Chinese club this week.

There are a couple of good videos which I’ll probably be using to introduce the topic:  this one, produced by Unesco gives a comprehensive introduction to the festival, its origins and customs.  There are some good clips showing families and communities observing traditional folk customs and it gives a good sense of the importance of the festival in Chinese culture and heritage.

This other one recounts the story of 屈原Qū Yuán whose death in the Mìluó  river was the origin of the Dragon boat festival.  It also shows some of the traditions associated with dragon boat races such as painting the dragon’s eye before the race and the making of zongzi.

I may get the pupils to make a paper dragon boat and this link provides a template for a model.

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